Powder Coat Paint

Powder Coat Paint Services in Schofield, WI
Powder Coat Paint Services in Schofield, WI

At ALT, we offer our customers an advanced set of powder coat paint services. From small to very large parts and prototyping to high volume our advanced systems are equipped to handle any job with standard or performance level coatings.

Methods of assembly include but are not limited to: riveting, PEM’ing, bolting, gluing, hose fitting, tog-l-lok, electrical and snap-lock.


  • (1) Fully Automated Powder Coating Line w/ 5 Stage Nano-Tech Cleaning system
  • (1) Large Manaul Powder Coating Line w/ choice of Iron-Phosphate or Nano-Tech cleaning technology

Our capabilities include:

  • Up to 20' long part length and 1000 lb part capacity
  • Full range of top coatings including prime-topcoat capability
  • 5 stage cleaning system w/ RO water rinsing