Assembly in Schofield, WI

We at ALT have the flexibility to provide many levels of assembly and packaging available to our customers. We are able to offer multiple component assemblies up to full turn-key machines assembly services.

Methods of assembly include but are not limited to: riveting, PEM’ing, bolting, gluing, hose fitting, tog-l-lok, electrical and snap-lock.

Examples include:

  • Bolted brackets
  • Vehicle Add-Ons and Upfit equipment
  • Computer docking stations
  • Data Center equipment
  • Generator Enclosures

We will package your product to your specifications.

We have an extensive network of secondary service providers such as plating (all forms), machining, painting, and screen printing, etc.

We have the following assembly equipment:

  • (4) PEM Insertion Machines
  • (4) Small and Large Assembly Cells